【TradeWinds View】西斯班从扬子江收购一艘新巴拿

2018-12-31 -

  原标题:【TradeWinds View】西斯班从扬子江收购一艘新巴拿马型集装箱转售船(内附中英原文)

  Seaspan linked to neo-panamax boxship resale

  by Ian Lewis

  China’s Yangzijiang Shipbuilding is cashing-in on the resale of a neo-panamax containership formerly ordered by George Economou’s Cardiff Marine.

  The 11,000-teu vessel has been reportedly sold to Seaspan Corp.

  It was one of two boxships commissioned in May 2015, when the Greek owner’sprivate vehicle switched an order for a pair of large bulker newbuildings into one for two mega-containerships.

  Since then, discussions between the owner and the shipyard have resulted in the shipbuilder deciding to sell the boxships, say sale-and-purchase brokers.

  The containerships were originally said to be costing around $93m apiece, when Cardiff converted two of six newcastlemaxes of 208,000 dwt into a pair of neo-panamax containerships.

  Their current value is estimated at $76.8m each, according to VesselsValue, which suggests the buyer will be picking up the containership at a discount.

  One source adds that Cardiff is understood to have left a large deposit on the table, so the shipyard is getting substantially more than the buyer is paying.

  Seaspan executives were unwilling to comment on reports that the company had bought theship, or that it may be included in charters of similar vessels to CMA CGM.

  One source suggests that Mediterranean Shipping Co is involved as charterer.

  The sale of one of the two boxship newbuildings leaves the Greek company with only a single containership in its fleet, the 6,477-teu Miramarin (built 2010), which is managed by Dry Tank.



  西斯班购买了扬子江船业为乔治?伊科诺穆麾下Cardiff Marine公司建造的一艘新巴拿马型集装箱船。


  这艘船是Cardiff Marine公司于2015年订造的两艘集装箱船之一,当时这家希腊船东把两艘大型散货新造船订单转为两艘超大型集装箱船订单。

  买卖经纪人表示,此后,Cardiff Marine公司和扬子江船业进行了多番商讨,扬子江船业决定出售这两艘集装箱船。

  Cardiff把六艘208,000 dwt纽卡斯尔型船中的两艘船转换为两艘新巴拿马型集装箱船,据说,当时这两艘集装箱船每艘船的造价在9300万美元左右。